20|20 Explores Johnson Ranch

For last friday’s hike, we made our way down to the south end of town to the beautiful Johnson Ranch open space. This is a very popular trail for hikers, runners and mountain bikers alike. At 2 miles long (3 miles if you complete the add-on section), this loop trail is the perfect way to begin or end the day. The views of the mountains around San Luis Obispo are spectacular and provide an uncommon perspective of the area, looking south to the hills above Edna Valley rather than the usual north toward Morro Bay and Los Osos. And for the pups, there’s a small flowing creek about halfway through that’s perfect for a water break (careful though, it may be dry in mid-summer).

We had a smaller crew than usual for this hike, but made the most of it with the addition of the newest 20|20 canine! Her name is Subie and she’s Meg’s Great Dane “puppy.” She’s bigger than most labradors already! But in Subie’s very first foray into hiking she proved to be the perfect companion, despite being a bit fearful of stepping over the metal cattle grates.

All in all, this was another fantastic hike on another beautiful day in San Luis Obispo! If you haven’t already, get yourself out there and make the most of the day!

The 20|20 Team