20|20 Founder quoted in U.S. Airways Magazine’s SLO County Feature

Our very own fearless leader, Lynne Biddinger was approached this Spring by U.S. Airways Magazine, in search of her take on what makes San Luis Obispo County such an amazing place to live and work. We like what she had to say, and we’re pretty sure you will too…

An excerpt from the April 2011 U.S. Airways Magazine reads “…perhaps SLO’s greatest asset is its residents. Nearly a quarter of adults work for themselves, and one-third volunteer in some form. These can-do, get-involved artistic types lure like-minded people such as Lynne Biddinger, founder of 20|20 Creative Group, a brand marketing firm. Biddinger wanted to abandon big-city life, so she conducted a nationwide search of possible places to move. SLO won hands down. ‘I absolutely loved the sense of community in San Luis Obispo,’ Biddinger says. ‘The people here have a certain mind-set — they tend to be open-minded, down-to-earth, welcoming.


Check out the link below for the full article!

US Airways SLO County Article April 2011