Be Stochastic!

Chances are, if you’re a podcast listener, you’ve heard of Radiolab. If you aren’t already an avid listener who nerds out every time a new episode is released, maybe its been on your list of “Things I Need To Listen To” for awhile now and you just keep putting it off. Well, my procrastinating friends, you are most certainly doing your naturally curious brains a disservice!

Radiolab is a podcast unlike any other. It seamlessly melds sound with science, poses philosophical questions, uncovers history and shares personal stories from people all over the world. (And the comments section on their website is a great forum for an engaging debate or two.)

Start with any episode, you’re guaranteed to learn something new (and enjoy it). Each new podcast inspires me to see the world, and my personal work, from new perspectives, to be perpetually curious about each new project I face, and to dive deep into all those wonderful details.