It’s About to Get All Lukewarm Up in This Office.

Want some laughs? Check out Luke’s Instagram page– @LandoLife

Meet our newest member of the 20|20 team! 

Luke is a Cal Poly grad who joins us from an agency in Boston, as our new copywriter.

Name: Lucas Jacob Trauth
Known Aliases: Luke, The Truth, Skywalker, Lukester, Lukey
From Skywalker himself: “If I had a quarter for every time someone claimed to be my Dad, I’d be worth more than George Lucas.”


Skywalker on the new Star Wars: “As long as they bring back Boba Fett, I’ll be able to enjoy it. Love that guy. I want to see him climb out of that weird sand-pit-butthole thing!”

Luke also comes to 2020 with the ability to quote all of Forrest Gump

The Truth on his favorite movie, Forrest Gump: “Hands down, best movie ever.  Not only does one man meet four US Presidents, become a war-hero, and All-American football star, but he does so all while managing a multi-million dollar shrimping company.  That dude knows how to get stuff done!”


And yes, that’s a tattoo of Connecticut, Luke’s old stomping grounds

Welcome to the team, Luke!