Glad Helg från 20|20 Kreativ Grupp! (That means Happy Holidays)

This year, the gang heads north to fulfill its secret disco fantasies as a 70s Swedish pop group! On the eve of their first holiday album, we get a sneak peak at the band’s yuletide set list, not to mention its hair (head and chest included).

Though our debut album might be destined for the Boo Boo’s bargain bin, we certainly enjoyed the polyester, the ascots and, of course, the umlauts.

Download the album, and open it in Adobe Acrobat. Then just sit back, relax, grab some pickled herring, and enjoy the smörgåsbord of hidden links. While you’re at it, why not sift through the nine years of holiday cards we’ve collected on our site. There’s a whole lot of holiday cheer (and dysfunction) to behold!

Vänliga hälsningar,

20|20 Creative Group