Handy Dandy: The Art of Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is enjoying a major resurgence these days—from everything to the walls of your favorite coffee house, to brands of some of the world’s biggest companies. In its purest form, hand lettering can simply be defined as “the art of drawing letters.” Different from standard typography where you use previously designed components (fonts), hand lettering is a combination of letterforms crafted by hand for a single use and purpose.

My Take

Personally, I think is this is one of the most beautiful and inspiring art forms that can be used in logos, signage, packaging, or just for pure pleasure. If you are interested you, can see many more examples at pintrest.com when you search for “hand lettering.” Or, check out this great video of time-lapsed hand lettering in action. A few of my favorites are below, including one from the Lindisfarne Gospels produced around the year 700 AD. So the next time you see a great example of this true art form, take a second to marvel at its beauty, the craftsmanship it took to produce it, and just how far its come.