How Now?

It’s the creative and functional brains in our office that develop effective brand platforms for our clients. Together, we help clients with the dilemma of HOW to communicate their message and HOW their target audiences should feel and act when seeing the message. The functional, project manager brain I have knows what story I want to tell, but our designers are the geniuses matching the emotion of my developed messages to visuals.

Not ‘What’ but ‘How’

Marketing is not about what you say, but HOW you say it. This short film demonstrates this point well. It’s a quick history lesson on how this has played out over time specifically on paper and through cinema. HOW this film was executed gives this practical, functional brain greater appreciation and understanding for the importance of typography in design. It’s my hope you watch, enjoy and appreciate all the little things that make a brand (the visual representation of an emotion) so effective.