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  • Advantage Answering Plus
  • Affinity Partners Consulting
  • BOLT: Bulk or Liquid Transport
  • Collaboration Business Consulting
  • Endeavor Law Group
  • Enseason Team Retreat
  • Improserve Research
  • Morris & Garritano
  • NFS Jet Acquisition
  • O'Neill & Woolpert Attorneys
  • Precision Search Recruiting
  • Studio Design Group Architects

What would you say…you do here?

Our brand strategy process reveals each organization’s unique advantages, then discovers the most effective way to turn those into a stronger, more productive, more profitable brand.

Brand Strategy
In-depth market research utilizing client interviews, industry data, and market trends, among other sources, lays the groundwork for a well-purposed and differentiated brand position.
Using market research and personal client knowledge, deciding on the brand position is where the big ideas come into play. We figure out what makes your brand like nothing else. It’s the ultimate differentiator.
Once we’ve done the research and figured out your defining traits, this is where the science takes effect. We develop thoughtful, thorough, strategic marketing and media plans that serve as a roadmap for driving sales and growing your business.
Brand Identity
Using your existing or newly developed brand strategy, our design team will establish a name, logo and full graphic standards for your company, product, website, print materials, or anything else you can imagine.
Tradeshows and retail spaces are unique opportunities to establish a powerful presence. We can make sure your graphics and brand are represented on a grand scale. From print specifications to signage layout and strategy, we will build an immersive experience for you and your customers.
Once we’ve done the research and figured out your defining traits, this is where the science takes effect. We develop thoughtful, thorough, strategic marketing and media plans that serve as a roadmap for driving sales and growing your business.
From concept to production, we work with you to make sure our designs meet all of your needs, from graphic standards to legal requirements. But a high quality printed product doesn’t end on a computer screen. We have the power to eliminate production hassles by working with your printer to make sure that what you see is what you get.
Web Marketing
Need a one-off website to step up to the next level of online presence? We provide custom solutions that put your company and your offerings on full display. Our layouts and content engage your visitors to keep them on your site longer, causing higher conversion rates and higher sales. And with a custom easy-to-use content management system, you’ll have full and fast control over your site when we hand it over.
Social media has incredible strength. But the result of that strength can be negative if used improperly. Let 20|20 do the legwork for you. We will learn about your customers and build a social roadmap for you to follow. This will ensure the highest quality customer interactions while minimizing wasted efforts and bad relationships.
Not only are web banner ads one of the most target-able and cost-effective forms of advertising around, they’re also uniquely measurable. From strategy to banner design to media purchasing, we will find your online market, advertise to them directly while making you look awesome, and use our negotiating prowess to minimize placement expenditures.
Showing up in a search is like the search engine telling your customer, “Hey, we found this site and we think it’s awesome. You should check it out too.” And just like that, you have instant credibility. But how do you prove to the search engine that your site is worth showing? That’s where we come in, applying the latest industry best practices to optimize your site for top performance in the search engines.
A video that showcases who you are and what you do provides an attachment point for your visitors. It also prompts them to continue research on your site once the video is over, leading to much greater conversion. 20|20’s video production staff combines branding finesse with Hollywood experience to tell your story in a real and meaningful way. There is no greater form of impression.
From magazines to home mailers to newspaper ads, we find the most relevant media specific to your campaign, design effective ads that are tailored to look great in their respective media placements, and coordinate media planning and purchasing to get you the best pricing with the best placements. It’s a bona fide start-to-finish advertising factory!
After determining if radio or television is right for you and your campaign, we go to work producing commercial and radio spots that are downright awe-inspiring. From interviewing you personally to using professional voice talent, we’ll find what works best and get it done, leaving you to let go of the worry and watch the creation. When it’s all said and done, all you’ll have to do is keep up with the growth.
In a world of digital obsession, we still firmly believe in good old roadside billboards. Why? Because in the right situations, they work exceptionally well. Together we can decide if outdoor advertising is the most effective use of your advertising dollars. After that, we will create eye-popping work, secure the most effective locations, and nail down the lowest prices. It’s effective, efficient advertising in all its glory.
Online banner ads are just part of the equation. Among numerous digital options including Google Adwords and Facebook, we can build, monitor and track your campaign. We’ll micro-test and make adjustments along the way. With a whole slew of analytics available out there, we’ll pare it down to let you know what’s going on without wasting your time. Target profitable customers, minimize waste, and let us do the work so you can get back to business.
Public Relations
Whether you’re launching a new product or service, hosting an event, or involving yourself in any other newsworthy item, we will build a press kit to help journalists fully understand and communicate your story, making sure you make the most of the opportunity.
In the right occasions, a well-written editorial can be a wonderful way to spread your idea to the public. And because readers are voluntarily engaged, they become one of the most captivated audiences you’ll ever have. We will write and pitch an editorial to accomplish what you need done in the most effective publication for your market.
For some brands, the best jumpstart to business comes from hosting an event. Whether you’re a hotel looking to host a wine festival, a non-profit trying to establish your cause, or a consumer food brand building hype for your latest product launch, we will strategize, plan and implement the event that will make it all happen.
Guerilla marketing is where strategy gets creative. And we don’t (necessarily) mean graphic design. The scope of possible guerilla marketing tactics is hindered only by the imagination. And because it’s usually a hit-the-streets type of approach, cost savings on media can be tremendous. From picketing, to fake graffiti, to squirrel suits in crowded public places, guerilla marketing can be a fun way to make your brand known. Talk with us to see if you’re a good candidate for guerilla marketing and let’s get creative together!


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