Meet Your Match

Do you like games? Are you a designer or a fan of all things design? Here is an interesting way to test your ability to appreciate the subtle details of our field in a fun and engaging manner. This is a seemly simple color-matching game developed by Method of Action, a “peer to peer education for people who want to get things done.” I for one can certainly appreciate their angle of design for those who love an analytical approach.

Using a color wheel, it will test your matching abilities for Hue, Saturation, Complementary, Analogous Triadic and Tetradic. It starts out pretty easy, but then quickly gets difficult. They have a tool to help you adjust your screen brightness and contrast as well as color blind assistance.

This educational website that is still in development, but they have three different courses, design, entrepreneurship and gardening of all things with more to come, I’m sure. It is an interesting initiative, but the site is still in the works. For now, you can test your ability to match colors, kern type and shape type.