Ready to Make Your Bright Idea a Reality? Read This to Save Your Sanity.

Fast Company recently asked four of the top entrepreneurship gurus in the universe to share the stumbles that newbies repeatedly make when pursuing their passion. Their advice was then whittled into 8 common missteps to avoid (read ‘em all here).

Today we’re talking about #4 – FEAR OF SPENDING MONEY ON YOUR BRAND.

Lewis Howes, the NYT best-selling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, and business coach, believes “Most people don’t understand the value of investing in your brand and your own development. When you’re starting out, it seems like you need to cut corners and keep things cheap, but I’ve never regretted investing in myself, my skills, or my brand.”

The solution: It’s okay to skimp on inessentials as long as you don’t cut corners where it really counts. “Paying for really high-quality photos, graphics, design, etc. is really important as soon as you can afford it,” Howes advises. “The internet has made visual design really important for businesses.” The same is true for crafting “a strong, authentic voice for your brand,” he says. “Take copywriting courses, hire really good photographers, and invest in quality design to make your brand look amazing.”

In designing brands for startups for the last 15 years here at 20|20, as well as launching a few startup brands of our own, we’ve seen firsthand hand how true Howes’ advice is. Like the old saying goes, “Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.

From all of us at 20|20, we salute the pot stirrers and forces for positive change currently working their mightiest to make waves. Best of luck to you and your ideas in 2017.