Snappy Title Goes Here

Friday afternoons we flee the office and find fun and food somewhere within walking distance of our downtown SLO office with an abundance of atmosphere (and alcohol).

Last week we finally flipped the lid to a Kickstarter game that had been staring at us from the shelf for months – Snaption. It’s a game of captions for snapshots where you can say whatever the ______ you want, designed by PicMe! Games and (iii) DESIGN.

Having designed and launched several products on Kickstarter ourselves, we love to support the projects of our local neighbors.

Between inhaling tacos, we took turns whipping out our phones to a fascinating photo of our choice. The table takes a look at the photo and each person comes up with their own compelling caption to be read aloud, then a winner is chosen. Alec dazzled us with a photo of an epicurean feast (above) he had prepared himself after a late night at work. While Alec sat dining on this steaming bowl of shame, the rest of us cooked up some winning recipes.

I doubt our fellow Luna Red patio patrons appreciated our howling laughter, but one thing is for sure – we will be Snaption-ing again soon.