Stuck in the Gutter

Every now and then a kind soul makes the mistake of thinking we know how to conduct ourselves outside of the office. Thankfully, every now and then, we actually surprise ourselves by doing just that.

Invited to participate in the annual Transitions-Mental Health Association‘s annual Bowl-A-Thon, we were happy to join, as it’s a fundraiser for a great cause that definitely knows how to put the fun in fundraiser. Now if only we knew knew how to bowl…

While we were on our best behavior, despite our best efforts, we still couldn’t help but get stuck in the gutter. Let’s just say that we won’t be quitting our day jobs anytime soon. Thankfully, THMA wasn’t relying on our scores alone, and by the end of the event over $15,000 was raised to help THMA’s efforts to promote recovery and wellness and eliminate stigma toward people with mental illness.

But, speaking of day jobs…it also appears that Alec might have one in modeling…

Oh, and while we’re still on the subject of day jobs, I’ll probably be looking for one as soon as Alec sees these photos.

Wish me luck,