The Chase

There’s no denying that a well executed chase scene is the epitome of cool. The cheeky Turin escape by a trio of MINIs in The Italian Job? Cool. The relentlessness of Steve McQueen’s iconic ’68 Mustang tearing up the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt? Cool. The comedic Midwest mall run in The Blues Brothers (parodied by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson in a review of the Ford Fiesta, complete with baddies in a black Corvette)? So cool.

And now, we can be sure to add Intel’s “The Chase” to that venerable list. It combines all the elements of a cool chase scene while being wholly original unto itself. Utilizing live action and animated cinematography while taking place throughout a variety of desktop computer programs and websites, the ad doesn’t just sell their new processor—it sells the experience.

And hey, if you ever encounter some baddies and suddenly find yourself inside Microsoft Word, you’ll know exactly what to do. Get your ASCII on, bust through to the nearest Youtube video, and drive the fastest car ad you can find outta there. You’ve seen how it’s done, after all.

Enjoy the ride,

P.S.- This ad was recognized by TED as one of its Top 10 Ads Worth Spreadinga new annual competition that just started this past October. Though it may not be a very inspirational, do-some-good-in-the-world type ad, there’s no denying that its action movie meets tech nerd clichés were pretty darn good.