Today in Typography…and Ransom Notes?

If you’ve somehow grown tired of the endless stream of cat photos and painstakingly choreographed selfies clogging your Instagram feed, we’ve got just the timesuck, er, ticket for you. And, if you also happen to be in need of a way to cut the effort out of cutting out letters by hand for your ransom notes, double-win!

Meet Type to Design.

Type any word into the blinking cursor on the web app’s homepage, and the site auto-populates your text with letters from an Instagram account.

The app pulls content from the Instagram feed of the “36 Days of Type” project, which calls on designers and illustrators to create one unique letterform a day and then upload it to Instagram with the “36daysoftype” hashtag.

We can’t guarantee you won’t hunt and peck any self-incriminating demands, so type away at your own risk: