Agilight LEDs


AgiLight provides LED-based lighting solutions to the commercial signage industry worldwide. They came to 20|20 needing a new branding campaign to better position themselves against their competitors and increase their market share. 20|20 developed a series of product ad campaigns with bold and often humorous headlines targeted at a predominantly male, working-class audience.

Services Provided

  • Product Naming
  • Messaging
  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Print
  • Advertising

“Choices” Campaign

The “Choices” campaign presents the signmaker with the challenge of lighting a difficult sign and showing how AgiLight’s diverse array of products can tackle the job. Viewers are invited to watch a tutorial video of how the sign was lit on the AgiLight website or see a live demo at an upcoming tradeshow.

The “Whitest Whites”

Because brightness is a critical feature in creating eye-catching signage, 20|20’s “Whitest Whites” campaign reinforces—in memorable fashion—the superior brightness of AgiLight’s LEDs.

Tuffrays “Dare” Campaign

Water and extreme weather can shorten the life of an LED module. AgiLight’s TuffRayz line was developed to better resist wet weather; this campaign invites signmakers to try it and see for themselves.

ThinRayz “Use Them” Campaign

The ThinRayz line of LEDs was specifically designed to squeeze into small, hard-to-reach places, allowing for more intricate sign designs with equal brilliance. This humorous and memorable campaign stands out dramatically from the competition by suggesting unusual places one might use the micro-sized LEDs.

“It was such a pleasure working with 20|20. We are so pleased with the results.”

Marci Imes, Advantage Answering Plus Founder

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