Mee Memorial Hospital


Mee Memorial Hospital hired 20|20 to rebrand the hospital to more accurately reflect the high quality care and service it provides to its patients. To start, 20|20 redesigned the logo using imagery inspired by growth and new beginnings. When developing the design aesthetic for the new marketing materials, 20|20 was influenced by the hospital’s history in the agricultural region of King City, CA. The tagline “Growing with you,” combined with the agricultural silhouettes over the photos, creates a distinctive look and feel that resonates with the community. 20|20 also designed a brand standards guide to ensure brand consistency and to allow key staff to continue to create in-house content long after the project was finished.

Services Provided

  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

“It’s been a pleasure working with 20|20. They took our outdated logo and turned it into a compelling new brand that represents our commitment to growth in the community.”

Cathy Enns, Marketing Director