Rec Solar Anti-Establishment Campaign

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Touting themselves as “the largest solar electric company you’ve never heard of,” REC needed to revamp its advertising campaign to more effectively penetrate its markets and compete with new, venture-capital backed competitors with aggressive advertising. REC Solar came to 20|20 for a solution that would differentiate itself across its 15 national markets. 20|20 developed an advertising campaign and corresponding microsite that aimed to shake up the solar industry with an edgy tone and unconventional look that eventually garnered a 119% ROI in some markets.

Services Provided

  • Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Campaign Microsite
  • Print
  • Video
  • Advertising


When REC Solar devoted 1.25 million dollars to a national advertising campaign, 20|20 began with print ads that aimed to shake up the solar industry with an edgy tone and unconventional look. While most solar ads feature sunny imagery and language, REC Solar’s shocking “anti-establishment” campaign attracted the attention of bloggers and new customers alike. As the campaign built traction nationwide, 20|20 executed a fully integrated advertising buy of print, radio, and online ads. Ultimately the ad spend generated 5x its amount in revenue and nearly 4,000 new leads for complete solar home installations.

“We have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the new ad campaign. Our Executive Chairman called me yesterday to say, “You just made my week if not my month.” He says we have not only hit upon the right message, but also struck upon the spirit of the company. He indicated this was the best marketing he has seen come out of our marketing department in years. If it works as well in the market as it has struck a cord internally, I think we have a winner.”

Bryan Conklin, Senior Director of Marketing

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