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20|20 developed the “SLOtheSTIGMA” campaign to reduce stigma surrounding people living with mental illness and educate the public about available resources in San Luis Obispo County. 20|20 produced a documentary to support the campaign that highlights four local individuals living with mental illness and their journey from isolation to recovery.

Services Provided

  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Campaign Microsite
  • Print
  • Video
  • PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising

Website Design & Documentary

20|20 developed a website that features the SLOtheSTIGMA documentary in short chapter segments along with a list of mental health resources available in the county. The website also features a survey at the end of the video to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


To spread word-of-mouth about the campaign, 20|20 organized a guerrilla marketing event to take place at the always popular Thursday night Farmer’s Market in downtown San Luis Obispo. Shirts, signs and informational materials were produced and distributed, and the volunteer group did an amazing job of getting the word out about SLOtheSTIGMA.


To launch the campaign, 20|20 invited the press, county, city and legislative officials, and the public to view a screening of the documentary and meet the cast and crew behind the campaign. The whole event was broadcast live on SLO-SPAN and was widely attended.

Television Commercial

30-second television spots were run as teaser trailers to the documentary, prompting viewers to watch more on the website.

The initiative exceeded the contracted program goals and became a longterm teaching tool lasting beyond the duration of the campaign.

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