Food & Beverage

After 27 years in business, Susie Q’s Brand artisan foods was looking to expand its customer base and gain placement in upscale grocery and gourmet food stores nationwide. Facing some entry barriers due to its packaging design, 20|20 rebranded the company to better suit a foodie audience while holding onto its backyard roots. Since the rebrand, Susie Q’s has maintained steady growth and widespread recognition.

Services Provided

  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Email Marketing

Packaging Design

20|20 redesigned Susie Q’s packaging across its entire product line to match the new brand identity and earn them placement in new stores.

Email Marketing

Seasonal emails with holiday recipes and promotions along with search engine marketing have increased online sales dramatically.

“With our new brand and email marketing our order volume is about 6x normal. This is opening up a whole new facet of the business which we have wanted for such a long time. I’m going to have a glass of bubbly tonight in 20|20’s honor!”

Susan Righetti, Founder

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