The Wine Enthusiast

Food & Beverage

After twenty seven years of continuous growth, The Wine Enthusiast Companies came to 20|20 looking to maximize their brand equity across the company’s five divisions. 20|20 developed a media kit to educate the press and target audiences about The Wine Enthusiast’s knowledge and expertise in all things wine. The kit included adaptable inserts to feature different wine topics that when removed, would simulate a wine glass being filled.

Services Provided

  • Messaging
  • Print
  • Advertising

Wall Street Journal Ads

20|20 developed an ongoing series of black and white product ads that ran in the Wall Street Journal and drove sales to their online catalog.

“To date, the EuroCave dreams ad is the most successful ad we’ve ever run! Every time it was placed, we saw a major spike in web hits and purchases the following day.”

Francis Juliano, CIO/CTO

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