World Meet Matt. Matt, Meet World.

Meet our newest member of the 20|20 team in just four photos!

Name: Matthew Steven Rice
Known Aliases: Matt, Mattrice (“Matt Rice” really fast), Mattrice (“Matreese”), Rice-A-Roni, Minute Rice, Uncle Ben’s Rice…
From Rice-A-Roni himself: “You know, I’ll be impressed if you come up with a rice joke that I haven’t heard yet.”

Challenge. Accepted.

Matt comes to 20|20 with a healthy stock photography

Mattrice On Stock Photography: “Stock photos lay the very foundation upon which we build our society. I’m currently building a website for Urban Outfitters’ new pet department (Urban Outcritters) and I don’t know about you, but I just can’t seem to locate any hip, furry friends in my area. Thankfully, stock photos save the day!

Matt also comes to 20|20 with what might be an unhealthy appreciation for toaster ovens

Rice, Rice, Baby On Toaster Ovens:“You’re a busy adult with many important things to do, and every day, Americans waste tens of dozens of minutes waiting for ovens to preheat. That time is dust in the wind, flying away, settling under the refrigerator, briefly kept company by only the occasional stray ice cube. That’s no way to live.

With a toaster oven, you can take back that time.

In just half the time of a conventional oven, your Mr. P’s 89-cent pizza for one can have a crisp, flakey crust without the trouble of evenly melting cheese, because you’ve got a refined palate that demands contrast and definition in even the most seemingly-modest of frozen cuisine.

The toaster oven is not only a must-have for any serious frozen cuisine enthusiast, but it represents the pinnacle of kitchen appliances—a beacon of hope in the dreary depths of the American college student household.

Oh, and don’t even try and compete with Rice-A-Roni’s selfie game.

Welcome to the team Matt!