A Runner’s Heart

Effectiveness of a video campaign

Here at 20|20, we are huge (and I mean HUGE) fans of effective video campaigns that anchor a web presence. In many cases, there is just no better way to succinctly capture the story we’re telling with a brand than with the words and actions of those living that brand each and every day.

I recently came across one of the best online video campaigns I’ve found in a while. Dick’s Sporting Goods launched its “Run For” campaign 10 weeks ago to tell the stories of athletes across the country and showcase what inspires them as they lace up their shoes for another run. The series acts as a cornerstone for an integrated campaign including its landing page, social media and even an app. The spectrum of experienced covered in each video clip reinforces DSG’s appeal to runners of all distances and skill levels. Some are famous for their endeavors, some run in the middle of the night when no one notices, but everyone seems to connect with the elemental sensations of this freeing exercise.

As a reluctant runner myself (I’ve been hooked for more than a year now), I’ve related to the first-timers (Sally) and drawn inspiration from the uber-experienced (Tony). Regardless of age, ambition or notoriety, the campaign brings each video back to a common theme by asking each runner why they run. The answers are honest, heartwarming, and contagiously uplifting. I now feel such a connection to this sport, these people I’ve never met, and the ritual we all embrace as a way to better our lives. Why wouldn’t you want someone feeling that level of emotion thanks to your brand?

Whether you’re interested in running or not, watch this series now. And try to resist the overwhelming urge to get out the door immediately to breathe in some fresh air on your next run. I’ll see you out there!