Superbowl MVP

So sorry for the delay on our regular blog posts! Here at 20|20, we’re just now recovering from the intense onslaught of new Super Bowl commercials and campaigns—one of the biggest days in our industry. And this year’s commercials didn’t disappoint. Check out my personal favorite from Dodge. It sucked me in with Paul Harvey’s familiar voice, and made me laugh at the end when I saw their tagline, “To the farmer in all of us.” It too closely resembles Farm Supply’s sentiment to their target audiences, “For the farmer in everyone.”

Emotional Appeal

Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” is timeless. His inflections made his stories over the radio unforgettable and entertaining. It was the perfect voice and personality choice to sell a truck. In a truck is where I heard Paul Harvey growing up, in my dad’s Ford and my grandpa’s Chevy. All I was missing was “This is Paul Harvey … Good day!”