Turbo Rally Hits the Track for a Second Lap

Ask anyone in the office and they’ll tell you that the Kickstarter bug has bitten Alec pretty hard. Fueled by the success of his Addy-Award winning Jimmy Towel campaign, Alec tried his hand again at another project last year. Inspired by an afternoon with his kids, after a few prototypes and a months of play-testing, Turbo Rally Card Racing was born. Using cards to create endlessly different track combinations full of twists, turns and obstacles for players to race on, Turbo Rally makes for an interesting take on your traditional racing game.

The game was a total success on Kickstarter, raising over $12,000. And, if the over 30 five-star reviews on Amazon for Turbo Rally are any indication, there’s a lot of satisfied project backers out there.

Building on the foundation of Turbo Rally, THUNDER TRACK is Alec’s latest Kickstarter endeavor, adding even more twists and turns with over 30 new card designs and play updates.

Be sure to check out the project on Kickstarter!