20|20 Employee Publishes Book: Not The Stars But The Distance

I read the first chapter of this book out of support for it’s author since he sits in the office next to mine. I devoured the remaining chapters because I was truly entranced. I began reading it while eating my taco dinner at a nearby restaurant and I can’t help but wonder what my fellow patrons must of thought of me as I laughed out loud by myself and grinned from ear to ear with salsa dripping off my chin? This book has heart and reading it was an adventure in itself. It’s funny, romantic, suspenseful, gritty, but most importantly it is profound.

At 23, Cody Hanson has wisdom and perspective well past his years and his story is a testament to that. To write a book is a feat. To do it and publish it at 23 is akin to scaling the face of El Capitan.  I will warn you, there is a moral to this story, and considering it’s author, I would expect nothing less. For the price of 2 Starbuck’s lattes, I highly recommend everybody buy this book and keep it on your shelf as a reminder to LIVE and live now!

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Happy reading!