A Marketing Genius

Here’s a lighthearted piece to brighten your Monday. You know how it goes, you spend your days toiling over the perfect brand to match the genuine story of your client. You stay awake at night thinking of that perfect tagline. You think for hours about which Pantone to use for that logo. And then some amateur on Craigslist goes and blows you out of the water with something like this:

Okay, so it may not be the most appealing brand. The colors are a little off and some may be slightly offended by the content (not the best ad style for a tax firm), but whomever created this did put a lot of sweat and passion into selling this poor old car. And whether or not the car actually sold (blown head gasket and all), at the very least, least they made us laugh. And for that, we say “bravo!”

Cheers and unicorns,