A Salute to Dads

The 20|20 team is truly lucky to have two fantastic fathers in our midst. In addition to being amazing forces for our creative, Alec and Matt each have young daughters who we often learn about through hilarious anecdotes and photos. Being a dad is certainly a full time job in and of itself!

Check These Out:

We were more than a little tickled to find a series of incredibly funny quotes paired with apropos designs called Things I’ve Said to my Children. In the series (also available on Etsy along with some other great poster designs), designer and dad Nathan Ripperger illustrates the unbelievable (yet so incredibly believable) things he’s said to his kids over the years. In the spirit of Father’s Day this weekend, we thought you’d enjoy it too. A print like this seems more inspired and personal than another tie, right?

So a big shout out to Alec and Matt for being such great dads, and a salute to father’s everywhere for keeping our swords dry and younger siblings alive.


The 20|20 Team