An American Girl in Sweden

At the beginning of May, 20|20 graciously granted me time off so I could make my very first trip outside of the US. My destination? Stockholm, Sweden. The plan? Travel with my boyfriend, Ian, to visit his brother, Cary, who has been living there since September. And see everything possible while we were there. Overall, I’d say we were wildly successful in our endeavor. Enjoy a few photos below.
A few highlights and tips if you find yourself in this Scandinavian sanctuary:


  1. Do take advantage of a regular “fika” or afternoon coffee break with a fresh cinnamon bun. They were DELICIOUS and nothing if not a Swedish tradition.
  2. Visit Gamla Stan and enjoy the cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture and royal palaces.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try the many varieties of pickled herring (also known as an “S.O.S” on many a menu). It’s really a treat.
  4. Take in all the amazing art and culture at the plentiful museums and historical sites. With over a thousand years of impeccably preserved history, there’s a lot to see/ have your mind blown by.
  5. Don’t feel bad if you come home slightly envious of the beautifully maintained parks, unbelievably nice people, universal health care and generally awesome central transportation system. Sweden runs like a well-oiled machine, which made our trip an overall delight.
I do have to say, it was nice to come home to SLO and appreciate what a great place the Central Coast is. Readjusting to California-time was tough, though not as tough as resisting the urge to name this post “Stockholm Syndrome” or some variation of such. All in all, it was an absolute blast. A big thanks to the 20|20 team for helping out in my absence and enduring a long-format presentation of my vacation photos upon my return.