Blog Envy: Photography Blog Roundup!

Lately, I’ve been enthralled in a few delicious photography-based blogs from around the Web that feature some truly breathtaking and thought-provoking images. We’ve already talked about our love for Colossal, but each of these options offers something different for its viewers. I always find myself coming back to these when we need inspiration for creating a concept for a new campaign or a fresh take on an ongoing project. Sneak away from your to-do list for a few minutes, and take it all in!

Photography Blogs Worth Checking-Out

1. Flickr Blog Flickr curates a beauty-based blog comprised of some truly great photos found on the site’s archives. There’s a vast variety of subject matters to browse. Everything from a particular location, a season, a color scheme—it’s all here collated from across the internet. I’m also a fan of ongoing interactive elements related to Flickr’s Twitter account and photo submissions from around the world. The images are always beautiful and remind me of the gorgeous world we live in if you just look around. Take a peek at its images of the Porcelain House in China (one of my favorite series).

2. New York Times’ LENS

LENS features a more hard-hitting collection of relevant photojournalism from around the world. These stark and simple photos often capture the human side of complex crises around the world too often reduced to soundbites and statistics. The same spark of the human spirit is evident throughout all- no matter the circumstances that provide the backdrop to the human experience. Don’t miss this set of images from Michael Winerip about a couple battling cancer and preparing for their daughter’s wedding.

3. Slate’s Behold

The photo collections here tend to be more personal, either focusing on individuals or a photographer’s vision for a visual theme they’re exploring. In all instances, I marvel at their ability to stop you and make you think about the people. The information and backstories provided by the photographers is always so enlightening too. A personal favorite- “Capturing Lovers on the Streets of New York.”


Happy Browsing!