The Commercial Your Commercials Should Be Like

Hello, ladies.

What makes a memorable commercial in a society of absolute sensory overload? Humor, wit, and a ridiculousness that borders on the absurd, apparently.

In 2010, Old Spice, in collaboration with ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, began a new ad campaign that is now commonly referred to as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” In a single, uncut shot with minimal post-production CGI, the commercial transitions through several different locations while actor Isaiah “Old Spice Man” Mustafa recites a smugly witty monologue without breaking eye contact with the viewer, or possibly even breathing.

The campaign has been so wildly successful, it has spawned three series of Old Spice Man commercial campaigns that promote the entire Old Spice product line, plus a series of personal in-character videos from Mustafa himself in response to user posts made to the company Twitter account.

But how could they possibly do it all in one take? Prepare to have your mind blown.
Smell you later,