Design Seeds

Life at 20|20 is a constant adventure. As we go about our daily work building awesome brands (of course) and helping our clients grow, we happen upon an incredible amount of online thoughts and resources. While many of these tidbits will go without mentioning, there are some that get us so excited we feel an insurmountable desire to share.

Design Seeds is one of those sites. This awesome color-centric site is for the designer in all of us. Design Seeds takes an interesting and traditionally backward approach to gathering color palettes.

First, they find or capture all sorts of fun photos. Then they pull a five-color spectrum from each image to create fresh, one-of-a-kind color palettes. The end result is a massive supply of photo-inspired palettes, ready to be used in cool new artwork by anyone who wants them!

It’s color: inspired by the world to inspire the world. Awesome!