Everyone is Hungry for Online Video!

A branded web video by 20|20 Creative Group
When was the last time you watched a video on the internet? Yesterday? An hour ago? Did you literally just get done watching one? Are you watching one while simultaneously reading this? Probably yes.

How do I know?

Because a recent article released by BrandChannel states that, according to a survey from Digitas, there is an “increased urgency for brand investment in online video.” And it’s not just amongst the young people; Baby Boomers are getting in on the viewing action too. Here are some very telling facts on what’s happening with online video right now:

“63% of U.S. adults look at online content while watching television, rising to 71% for adults 18-44.”

“Almost half (46%) of online video viewers are likely to seek out participating brands mentioned [in the video].”

“58% of brand fans on social media, ages 18-34, would check out a video posted by a brand, and 45% of those ages 35+ would do the same.”

Okay, so those are the boring stats. What do they mean? They mean that videos have become not only a cultural shift for consumers, but also a much more effective and efficient (i.e., highly targeted in comparison to TV) way for brands to make an impact on their target customers and spur new growth.

Does your brand have a video backing it up?