More Than Likely: Pepsi Introduces “Like Machines”

Pepsi’s New Approach

I have to say, I’ve always admired Pepsi’s bold approach to their brand. They strive for all that is young, hip and fun– hoping to mirror the lives of their consumers or at least their aspirations. Without a hint of nostalgia, it’s always looking forward to what’s next. Lately, their savvy has reached a new level with their rampant social media campaigns. Pepsi has recently put that into action by introducing the “Like Machine,” a new soda vending machine that will trade a Facebook like for a free can of soda. They’ve planted these virtual vending machines in strategic locations with an eager audience, including a Beyonce concert in Belgium. (Note: No coincidence, Beyonce has a major endorsement deal with Pepsi.)

It’s funny to think that just a few years ago, this tactic would have meant something so simple- offering a free sample for consumers to try. But today, a social media connection grants access to a host of information about that fan’s behaviors, likes, locations, friends, recent activities and buying habits that will provide long-term insight much more valuable than that 12-ounce can. To the consumer, they’re granted an interactive experience that fosters a positive connection to the brand while doing something they already enjoy. And if Pepsi’s audience is willing to fork over its personal details for it, then we’ve got a win-win.

If you’ve got a moment, take a second to check out a video about the project. And keep your eyes peeled for Like Machines at events near you. I doubt this is the last time we’ll see this used from other brands, like it or not.