O’Neill and Woolpert Website Launches

20|20 has had the pleasure of working with the estate planning attorneys at O’Neill and Woolpert to refine their web presence. Their practice is truly a family affair, led by mother Charron and daughter Janet, with strong ties within the San Luis Obispo community.

We were tasked with the challenge of balancing their legal prowess with the team’s undeniable charm and approachability. Thankfully, the practice makes it a habit not to speak in legalese, so we took a more earnest tone to the site’s copy. Instead of intimidating terminology, we focused on the positive impact their guidance has made during times of transition for local families. Visually, we echoed the friendly demeanor with a polished type-style logo and custom photography of the team and their idyllic downtown SLO location. And the result is something we’re very proud of. Thank you Charron, Janet, George and Mark, and congratulations on your new website!



The 20|20 Team