Photoshop Fun!

So imagine you are at a bus stop patiently waiting for the bus to arrive. Your iPhone runs out of power so you put it back in your pocket. “Alright,” you think. “What do I do now?” You start doing what most people would do before there were smart phones… you observe the world around you. While doing this, you happen to look at the ad next to you. It peeks your interest, so you take a closer look at it and, to your surprise, you discover that the model in the ad is none other than yourself! You can thank Adobe for this one.

In this elaborate prank/demonstration titled #CreativeDay, a van is parked nearby containing a photographer and a Photoshop aficionado. A computer is set up in the van and is linked to video screens that have replaced the normal poster ads. The photographer takes a photo, and the Photoshoper does his magic while an ad develops and appears on the screen with you as the model. Talk about engaging creative!

Check out this video so you can watch how they accomplish this fun (yet unnerving) task and the reactions from the victims. How would you react?