Say My Name, Say My Name

20|20 recently collaborated with Vina Robles to name their new luxury housing development in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. The original name of the project was “Huerhuero”, a challenging word to sound or spell. In developing a new name, we thought beyond what words can say, to how words can sound.

“Sound symbolism” is the theory that we unknowingly attach intrinsic meaning to certain speech sounds. Over the past few decades, scientists have found evidence that the sounds of words have real meaning. Sound symbolism is so powerful that when people hear the brand name of food, it can even change how it tastes. Whoa.

Ultimately the name we developed for our client, “Gran Cielo de Vina Robles” (Big Sky of Vineyard Oaks) speaks to the stunning location of the community and sounds grand, because it is! The word “gran” unlocks an intuitive part of our brain that associates the sound with vast and expansive.

Boom. Learn more about sound symbolism by reading Why The Sound Of A Brand Name Matters.