Ukiyo-e Heroes

I’ve always loved artwork made with traditional mediums through traditional processes. Combine it with nerdy references to modern video game culture, and I won’t be able to wipe a smile from my face! Enter Ukiyo-e Heroes.

The project is a series of traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, drawn by Jed Henry and carved by master printmaker, David Bull. Ukiyo-e means “pictures of the floating world” and they depicted the fleeting images of nature, beauty, entertainment and pleasure. Jed has taken this old world style and atmosphere and created a series of video game-based prints that blow the mind.

Like our very own Jimmy Towel, Ukiyo-e Heroes found their success on Kickstarter. With a modest initial $10,000 goal, the project was so popular, by the time funding closed, they had raised well over $300,000. What started as one woodblock print, turned into a full series of over 16 illustrations.

Currently, six are being carved into woodblock prints over the course of 2013. You can buy giclee printed digital reproductions, or you can watch the process videos and then tell yourself you must splurge to have the real deal because it’s truly amazing how much time and skill goes into making an ukiyo-e print.