20|20 Wins ‘Best in Show’ at the 2013 Coastal California ADDY Awards

20|20 recently picked up several honors at the AAF’s 2013 Addy Awards ceremony in Santa Barbara, including the top honor of “Best in Show” for our work on Jimmy Towel’s brand. Alec, who attended the event, was surprised by the announcement as they closed the evening and played Jimmy Towel’s videos on the big screen! If you’ve seen the tongue-in-cheek clips, you’ll understand why that was a little embarrassing for him. Thankfully, it was met with much laughter and appreciation.

20|20 also received recognition for their work on Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital’s Bariatric Program advertising campaign, the BOLT website and the new logo for Rosemary Favorites brand of eggs. We’re humbled by these honors and grateful for our clients who let us have so much fun cultivating their brands.

Until next time!

The 20|20 Team